Opal brings emotional balance while Jasper (a strengthening stone) protects against negative energy.  This creation has the added flair of 'Beads for Life' beads~ made from recycled papers (i.e. magazine pages and/or cereal boxes) by women in Uganda working diligently to provide a better life for their impoverished families (to find out more about this nonprofit organization, the women (beaders) involved and the bead making process> Please visit ~other unique embellishments include cocoa shell, pottery, and czech glass  ~See Paul and Elizabeth at Artisans on Main or call (828-524-5111)(Code~SP01)


Ocean Jasper bracelet releases stress allowing for relaxation of body and mind.  Bead for Life recycled beads and magnetic closure for ease and stress-free accessorizing :~)  (Bracelet~10> $20)