Beautiful Tagua Nut (aka 'vegetable ivory') harvested in the Amazon Rainforest, has been used by the old Indians of the Amazon to represent women due to its great romantic energy.  It is believed> the person who wears it nurtures from its energy, will live in forever harmony~ while feeling peaceful and fulfilled~ " the seed of wisdom, love and harmony"
Tagua nut, an eco-friendly crop, provides employment of nearly 35,000 indigenous people, while the income received from these crops is a strong incentive to maintain the trees~ which, in turn, helps to stabilize the Rainforest.  Furthermore, a single palm's yearly harvest equals ivory from one female elephant. 
This necklace features the Tagua Nut while Moukaite (a protective stone) and coconut shell add bold embellishments to this piece ~inspired by nature. (Code> EA~07) See Scotti at Earth Angels (445 Savannah Highway) or call 843~225~1010


Unique Ocean Jasper is found only in a remote location on the coast of Madagascar and can only be minded during specific conditions at low tide.  Ocean Jasper is considered the 'stone of joy and increased expressions of love(s)'... its properties lift negativity so one can fully appreciate her many blessings.This piece brings balance and wholeness with Moukaite and Tagua Nut and is sure to inspire one's feminine side.  (Code EA~08) See Scotti at Earth Angels (445 Savannah Highway) or call 843~225~1010